Where's My Water? 2 for Windows 8

Where's my Water is a great game for kids, your children will love routing water to their favorite gator.

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    for Windows 8

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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    7.8 (118)

Where’s My Water 2 is the second installment of the best-selling puzzle series from Disney Mobile, where your job is to make sure that Swampy the Crocodile and his friends have access to enough running water, so that they are able to take a shower. Unfortunately, various enemies and obstacles are standing in the way of the protagonists becoming clean. However, with a little puzzle-solving ability and a lot patience, you can overcome these new challenges like a pro. With over a hundred brand new levels featuring special challenges that players must conquer, both fans of the series and newcomers alike are sure to be pleased.

You will find that the gameplay of Where’s My Water 2 doesn’t differ all that much from its predecessor. The familiar controls of the original game remain intact, where your task is to draw paths in the dirt that will allow various sources of flowing water to make way to its destination, which is a shower. Along the way, you may have to interact with the environment and objects to move forward, such as activating certain mechanisms, switching on water faucets and using steam to power your way through to the next section. There are also many rare collectibles that spread throughout the levels, ensuring that you keep coming back to locate them all. As with the previous installment, you will also run into a variety of power-ups that will make the game easier to play, and the objective of collecting the ducks throughout each level has also returned.

Speaking of ducks, Where’s My Water 2 has added a brand new mode called Duck Rush. This creates a much more intense style of playing, where the screen is constantly scrolling around, and if you aren’t able to transport the water fast enough, then you will have to start the challenge all over again. Another new feature is the addition of special challenges to each of the levels. Once you have completed the main goals, you can play alternate versions of the levels, such as having it flipped upside-down, or having goals like beating a level without touching any of the ducks.

One of the more controversial features of Where’s My Water 2 is the requirement that a certain Energy level be maintained to continuously play the game for more than a few levels. If you do not have the patience to wait, or the money to purchase more Energy, the only other option is to not play at all. Another difference between this and the first game is that you aren’t able to play any level that you like from the start, and must beat each level one-by one before progressing.


  • New levels with extra challenges
  • Additional characters, modes and powerups


  • The wait between levels is long
  • In-app purchases required to play continuously

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